Stop Waiting

In my opinion, the best yoga teachers are the ones who tell a story before practice. Most will have you in child’s pose as they talk and set the theme for the class. The quick anecdote helps you to create an intention for the practice if you don’t already have one and it also allows you to find some sort of focus throughout the class.

Last week, I took a class with one of the more difficult yogis. Her moves are slower, but more deliberate, therefore making the class more challenging. As always, we started out in child’s pose and she spoke about Happiness. She continued to describe happiness as an emotion that you create, not something you wait for.

For example:

“I’ll be happy when I get that new job because I’ll have more money.”

instead of waiting to be happy, you can create it by thinking…

“I’m happy to currently be working, allowing me to pay my bills.”

Today, I had to practice creating my own happiness. The food truck life is by all means not easy. It’s one thing to be an entrepreneur, but to be one in the food truck industry takes you to a whole new level of challenges. To put it simply, if your truck isn’t working, you’re not making money.

This morning I took the truck into the shop and left the keys with the mechanic for a $400 maintenance job on the brakes. Three ours later I received a phone call that the “maintenance job” would end up being a “you are in dire need of fixing xyz situation that’s going on“, which in turn is going to cost me at least $1,100. *sad face*

It took a while for all of this to settle in, but eventually I had to dig deep to find the silver lining. The truck will be expensive to fix BUT I’m happy to know that I can afford to pay for it, and soon enough, my drivers will more importantly be safe! I Stopped waiting. I literally sat at my desk, looked at my vision board and started smiling with Whitney Houston signing me back into a happy state of mind. The rest of my day was amazing.

Lesson learned? DON’T WAIT TO BE HAPPY! If you’re waiting now, you’ll never find that happiness. Happiness isn’t a moment in the future, it’s a state of existence in the present. Create your own happiness and truly appreciate what you have now. As cliché as it may sound, you are to be in THIS moment for a reason, so create that happiness and enjoy life for its simple existence.

I created my own happiness by staring at my vision board .

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