FPSF – Part 1

Three years ago, BJ and I walked down Allen Parkway to Houston’s own Music Festival. This was my first Free Press Summer Fest experience. I was determined to go because The Postal Service was coming out of hiding after several years and they were headlining the festival. Such Great Heights is my ultimate favorite song, so there was no way I was going to pass this up!! There’s always that sense of “now I can die happy” after witnessing your favorite band perform live for the first time.

When we passed through the gates of Free Press, the first thing I noticed were the food trucks. At this time, Sticky’s was only an idea that could possibly happen. I looked down the street at all the food options and thought (I probably said it out loud to my brother as well), “Damn, that’s pretty cool to be a part of something this big, I hope we can do that one day.” Even last year when I saw all my favorite food trucks lined up, I couldn’t help but feel a little envious… especially seeing how long their lines were the entire day. *cha-CHING* 🤑

June 4, 2016…. Sticky’s Chicken will make its debut at Free Press Summer Fest! Needless to say, I’m pretty damn excited! I know Free Press doesn’t compare to all the popular festivals like Coachella, ACL or Lallapalooza, but it’s a music festival in my home town and Sticky’s gets to be a part of it! We might not have the perfect weather for an outdoor event like this, but there’s always a sense of pride when you get to participate in a huge event right in the heart of your beloved city.

This week will be an interesting week of prepping.

To be continued….


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