Being a Badass

I was recently tested. I went all in brave and courageous only to be shoved down with my face in the ground.

The only thought I had in my mind was: “Fuck, what now?

When faced with adversity, you to have somehow get your shit together and try again. If there is something that means the world to you, then don’t give up. KEEP GOING. The worse thing you can do is stop and walk away just because it failed. Maybe you need some time away from the situation to regroup… but whatever you do and no matter what happens, if this is something you want… NEVER GIVE UP.

Life is too short and you can’t stop fighting for what you believe in. After failure, you will not be the same person anymore. You will become a stronger, more powerful version of YOU. Being a BADASS doesn’t mean you cower and walk away from anguish, it means you are able to get back up and fight.

Getting pushed into a corner doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, it means you need to regroup and re-strategize your game plan. Everything happens for a reason, falls are there to strengthen you and re-direct you into the right path.

Be a BADASS, wipe the dirt off your face and go back at it again.


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