Let it be.

The new year is here. Hello, 2018. The frigid cold hasn’t done much to help in welcoming you, I’m sorry about that. It’s kept me inside this whole time. Instead of being excited about your presence, I’ve managed to shut down and go deep into my thoughts, fears and anxieties once again. I should be grateful to enter into your realm of possibilities, because not many of us were lucky enough to join you.

When you came 2018, it’s as if at the stroke of midnight, like Cinderella, everything should just magically change…. but we don’t live in a fairytale. We don’t have fairy godmothers who can wave their wands and turn a pumpkin into our carriage. Instead, we have life.  We have heartaches. We have bills. We have Houston traffic.

This morning, I woke up determined not to let the weight of the world bring me down, so I forced myself to run. Running is life. As I went down a street that I don’t normally run, I ran into you, Mother Mary. You just stood there with your beautiful face and stretched out arms as if to tell me that you’re still there, God is still there and neither of you have ever left me.

Thank you Universe for reminding me that I’m not alone and have never been alone. Just like in my dreams when Papa tells me everything will be ok, I’m grateful for the reassurance. Thank you for reminding me that things will work out and to let things just be.

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