Sensitive Sally

I’d like to think that I’m a good person. I take pride in who I am and the way I portray myself for the sake of my reputation. I’m one of those who believe that your reputation speaks before you. I also believe that it goes towards everything else in my life… who my family is, who my friends are and how I run my business. Essentially, those are merely an extension of me and who I am as a person, so I treat that with a lot of respect.

With that being said, I try to always express myself in words that are true to me and what I believe are positive, ESPECIALLY when I know who my audience is. Unless you find me on twitter, then you won’t always find nice things, but then again twitter isn’t really a platform for political correctness. That’s one thing I find so great about tweets, you can pretty much say anything you want and if responses aren’t to your liking, troll them with a GIF… haha my absolute favorite!

Anyway, I digress. My point is, I try not to post anything that I think would motivate controversy. I like to share things that I find funny or inspirational. No one really has the right to stifle your views on life and how you wish to express yourself, especially in America. Remember The First Amendment – freedom of religion, speech or the press? If people’s ideas and thoughts are really bothering you, then maybe you should ask yourself why? Why do you find certain posts offensive? If other’s thoughts annoy you, why? If you don’t agree with their opinion, why? You must be taking something from it personal for a reason. When you read someone’s thoughts and are suddenly upset, be curious and ask yourself why it bothers you. You might actually find your reasonings are silly or maybe it will lead you to deeper issues that you might not even be aware of. That’s what stops me from posting unnecessary responses all the time.

I typically welcome people’s comments on all my social media because they’re always entertaining (usually my lovely fans are just making fun of me), but after a post brings on unnecessary comments, and causes a little drama, it makes me want to just disable that feature. Maybe people shouldn’t be allowed to comment, all it does anyway is allow others to bicker amongst one another. I don’t know… to me social media, especially Facebook, shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It’s just <insert social media>!!!!!

I try to keep my Facebook and Snapchat private to only family and friends I’ve met in real life, but whoever is reading this and finds me entertaining, you’re more than welcome to follow me everywhere else. My screen name will always be “SimplyPatsy”. So if you come across that, it’s most likely me.

Happy posting everyone! 🙂🙃

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