Life Edits

Sometimes it’s ok to edit your life.

So I picked up a new hobby. I love scrapbooking (not my new hobby, keep reading). I use to spend hours at the craft store picking and choosing cute little scrap pieces of lettering stickers, fancy papers and just little items that I can creatively paste with my pictures on an 8×8 carefully chosen paper. It was a great mental stimulation for me that allowed my creativity to come out. Ain’t nobody got time for that anymore (plus all my fave scrapbook stores have closed).

One of the things that I always wanted to learn when I scrapbooked was to take better pictures. Back then I owned a 35mm film camera and then when they became affordable, I always had an easy to use digital point and shoot. I never really wanted to admit to anyone, but taking better pictures was always a secret hobby I wanted to pick up. It was just more fun to scrapbook with better, more creative pictures.

Anyway… the point of this post.

As I learn the ins and outs of my new Sony A7 (I know, fancy right?), I started realizing how photography is about capturing life in the best way possible…. then we edit as we see fit.

LIFE is exactly the same way. We should take in life, in the best way possible. The good and bad of it all, the emotions that come with it… that’s what life is about. By actually living life, we are able to capture all of it into our souls and the experiences help to mold us into the people we choose to be. Then when we are ready, we edit the parts we want to keep or delete or simply just tweak.

Life is beautiful, do your best to experience it in the most amazing way possible, you can always edit it later.

I’m not one to post selfies like this, but it was the only pic I had with my new camera that I actually edited. 🙈

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