Filipino Malls

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Still fighting jet lag, but it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. Everyone has been wanting me to be alive to do things, but sometimes my body just fails me and it instantly knocks out. I can’t even fight it.

When in the Philippines, one of the places that you always end up at is the mall. The malls here are like mini cities on its own. If you think the Galleria in Houston is big, it’s nothing compared to the malls here. There are at least 4 (sometimes 5 or 6 if you want to include the garage) levels to these malls and hundreds of different shops. I mean… they have everything here from designer clothes, groceries, salons to even labs where you can get your feces analyzed! 😂 What’s crazy is that you’ll find these malls everywhere! It’s like having 5 Houston Gallerias to choose from and yeup, not all of them have the same stores. For a 3rd world country, their big cities sure do have a lot of fancy stuff.

Anyway, we had last minute things to purchase at the mall today because we’re headed out to Siargao Island tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure what to expect because they keep telling me that depending on where we plan on staying, the nearest point of civilization is about 1-2 hours away. I just hope we are able to visit Cloud 9, one of the top surf spots in the world. I’m not trying to surf it (it’s a reef wave) but I really want to see it’s beauty!

Who knows where we’ll end up staying, but I have my mosquito net and bug bracelets ready. I found these bracelets at Academy that are supposed to last for 7 days and it keeps the bugs away from you. We’ll see how well it works, I’m not trying to get dengue fever.

This will be the first place I get to visit on this trip and my family’s 3rd. I have a lot of beach catching up to do! Hopefully I’ll get some sort of signal and am able to update the next few days.

Shout out to my Sticky’s Team in Houston holding it down while we’re in the Philippines! While we are here, Karrueche made a visit to Houston and of course, she hit us up for food! It never gets old when she asks for food. We love you, K! ❤


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