Surigao to Siargao

Day 4 of 24

Suh-ri-gow vs. Shur-gow

So the way to Siargao is through Surigao. Two different islands with similar names. Shur-gow is a little more remote, so it takes a bit of traveling to get there. The typical travel route is to fly into Suh-ri-gow and ride a 2 hour ferry to Shur-gow.

After a stressful check-in at the airport (our hand carry got denied because it was filled with bottles of face wash, shampoo & lotions) we finnally got to our gate. Man, the sun was relentless. It was so freaking hot.

These island travels are always on smaller planes, so we had to get shuttled to the plane. Usually those kind of planes scare me, but this wasn’t too bad. Small planes always bring back memories of how famous people died like Ritchie Valens (the La Bamba guy), Aaliyah, DJ AM & JFK Jr. Thank God, we made it. 🙏🏼

Dad’s old childhood friend picked us up from the airport and he kindly took us in. He housed us for the night at his rental homes, which have beautiful views of the water and the mountains of Leyte. For lunch he fed us some interesting fish. Apparently it’s a trigger fish. After our meal, he opened up a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label and we just chilled until it was time to go to the beach. They have a little doggie that looked like Caramel & just sat around lazily like her too. RIP my little G. 🙏🏼

The rest of the evening was spent at Looc Pebble Beach. The entire beach was of pebbles, big & small instead of sand. The water was clear, cool and refreshing, like a lake – only salty. Of course the views were amazing, especially as the sun was setting. Locals were out swimming around. Most of the people around here or anywhere really in the Philippines who live near the water, don’t realize that they live in paradise.

Then the drone spazzed out and took a nose dive into the water. It was heartbreaking to watch, but I was able to use my 360* view full face diving mask. I’m not a strong swimmer, so Mom pulled me back in and was able to talk to one of the island kids to try and find it. After about 20 minutes of holding our breath, he finally found the drone. Its critical fate is still yet to be determined. The drone is currently trying to recover in a rice bath.

Dad’s friend told us the ferry for Shur-gow leaves at 5am, so tomorrow our next adventure will start at 4 in the morning.

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