Blue Tuesday

Day 5 of 24

I’ve been getting dead sleepy tired around 7pm and then I’ll wake up around 2am. Still jet lagged a bit, but at least I’m staying awake for the most part of the day. Worked out perfectly for today though because we had to be on the ferry at 4am.

What was supposed to be a 2 hour ride, turned out to be 3 dragged out hours. It wasn’t exactly a fun ride because trying to get into a comfortable postion was nearly impossible. The seats were more like benches instead of individual seats. Even with the bench layout, we apparently still have assigned seating. So the boat attendant made sure we were seated in the right area. There is about 20 of us and so there was a lot of moving around and shifting. It was really annoying how the people on that boat and at that port made everything so difficult. Anyway, I’m venting because I hated that part of the day.

Upon exiting the ferry, we were greeted by motor cab drivers asking us where we were going. They were like ants scavenging at the site of food when they saw all the passengers come off. We had a quick meh lunch at a near by restaurant and were off again, this time traveling in an air conditioned 12 passenger van & the rest of the group was in the Toyota Hilux that was ferried over.

We had no idea where we were going, we just knew we weren’t going to our “resort” and we were headed somewhere to swim. When we arrived at our destination about 40 minutes later, they told us we were traveling this time by pumboat, basically a gas driven canoe.

The ride to our destination was beautiful, loud af because of the engine, but the views were amazing. We went through mangroves that were sitting at the edge of small mountains. Then when we got closer to where we were going, it was like being in a Discovery Channel episode. You can really see the indigenous island people living in bamboo homes along the coast, underneath a canopy of palm trees. It was pretty cool to witness that in real life and not on TV. The colors of blue and green were absolutely breathtaking.

We ended up at Sugba Lagoon. It was really beautiful. It’s a blueish-green lagoon that is surrounded by mountains. The little docking port for the pumboat was like the visitor center where we ended up renting a kayak and a paddle board. I was too excited to get into the water, so I forgot to take pics, except for the one below. It was really nice to be surrounded by so much nature.

Then we were off to lunch. We had a late lunch on Magpupungko Beach. It was a beautiful beach known for its tide pools. The waves there were perfect barrels, but I don’t think they’re safe to surf because it crashes right into the rocks. We got to use the full face diving mask and I just wanted to snatch all the coral fish and put them into an aquarium.

Anyway, I’ll let the pictures finish this post.

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