Island Hopping

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This is probably one of my favorite last minute purchases before I left (please excuse the toilet paper right in the middle). I was almost convinced not to get my big ass floppy hat, but I’m glad I didn’t listen. It was perfect for today.

So we went island hopping. We visited 3 different small islands via pumboat. The boat picked us up from the shore in front of the little resort we’re staying at.

The resort itself is cozy. It’s very simple with literally 5 beds/cots and a restroom in each room. The beds are arranged to where the only open space is the walkway from the door to the restroom. You don’t realize how much you take for granted restrooms back home until you get to the Philippines. Yeup, the same “tabo” you use to bathe with is the same one you use to flush the toilet.

Afte a simple breakfast of coffee (3 in 1) and pan de coco, we waited around on the beach as they loaded our pumboat with the day’s supplies…. and then we were off.

Island 1: Guyam Island

It was a small little island that can be seen from the 2nd island we went to. We literally stayed there for pictures and then bounced. It was a really pretty island because you can see the mountains in the distance and nothjng but blue/green water in between. The land was filled with luscious palm trees that shaded you from the glaring sun. There was a rocky part on the beach that you can tell use to be coral reef. It really was a great spot for pictures.

Island 2: Daku Island

Daku literally means big. It really was one of the bigger islands that we visited. We stayed here for most of the day. Of all the islands, this was the only one people actually lived on. There were locals who lived here and some of them made their money by cooking for the island visitors. There were tables/huts scattered on the beach that you can rent out and locals can cook for you. We had lunch here and we spent most of our time in the water. The sand was white and soft and about medium sized grain and of course the water was clear.

Island 3: Naked Island

Don’t be fooled, it’s not a nude beach. It’s a tiny island with nothing but 2 baby palm trees…. that’s why it’s “naked”. It was a white sandy beach with literally nothing there. No form of civilization whatsoever….. it’s really that tiny. One side of the island was wavy and rough and the opposite side was calm and glassy. We swam on both sides.

My dad finally took a break from taking pictures and swam with us. Him, BJ & I took our snorkling gear and swam around to see what we could find. The ocean floor looked like it use to be a thriving reef, but now it’s like a recovering sanctuary. The water was clear, but still a little muggy because of all the seaweed. We were still able to find tropical fish though and found a few starfish under water. The first star fish my dad found, I screamed because he came at me out of no where. All I had been thinking that whole time was how I would react if I actually saw a shark…. so of course, when dad startled me, I screamed into my face mask, panicked a little, tried not to drown and swam away. BJ couldn’t stop laughing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I seriously was scared shitless. You would be too if you can see under water 10 feet ahead of you.

We headed back home as the sun was setting. The pumboat couldn’t drop us off at our resort anymore so we we had to get off at the pumboat docking station in town. That was the first time I’ve ever ridden a tricycle. It’s literally a small motorcycle that’s encased within a cab. As small as that thing is, we somehow were able to fit 6 people. My cousin and I sat at the back, I don’t know about her, but I was holding on for dear life trying to make sure I don’t fall out. Luckily the ride was only about 10 minutes.

Tomorrow… we finally visit Cloud 9. I can’t wait!!

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