Cloud 9

Day 7 of 24

When I first learned how to surf a looooong ass time ago, the first thing I did was find out where the local surf was. Then I started to research and learn about the California coast. After watching numerous surf videos and looking through magazines I learned about the different waves around the world. So of course, Cloud 9 has always been on my must see places since we’re from the Philippines. I finally got to see it in all its glory.

It started off a slow day. The plans were to go to Cloud 9 after lunch, so this was basically me all morning.

I honestly felt spoiled laying around in a hammock with the beautiful scenery, almost as if I didn’t deserve it. I managed to survive my hammock nap. Above me there were about half a dozen dead coconuts ready to fall, but I made it.

So after lunch (that finally didn’t include pork) we finally headed out to Cloud 9. It was kind of annoying to find out that it was only about 10 minutes from where we were staying, because we could have gone a long time ago. Anyway… we finally got there.

This beach was probably one of the most touristy spots we’ve been to. There was a lot of people and when we arrived to go to the beach, we were quickly approached by a guy renting out surfboards. As annoying as these Filipinos are when it comes to trying to make money, you can’t deny their hustle.

We rented out 4 boards and my cousin and niece got a board and instructor. The area we surfed at was right outside the Cloud 9 break. The water was glassy and clear and the waves actually came in sets. I’m not going to lie, it was hard. I had to get pushed into the waves because I couldn’t paddle strong enough to catch them on my own. It’s a whole new level than G-Town surf. The floor bed was rocky afff, luckily it wasn’t a home for sea urchins. The waves weren’t hitting strong enough to just “catch”, but it was absolutely amazing. Sitting on a bord in the calm waters just taking in the Views was priceless. It was pretty awesome of an experience.

After our surf sesh, we refueled at this little refreshment hut on the beach. They had juices, shakes, coffee, teas, salads and sandwhiches. The pineapple shake was really good. I also left my comb there. Sadz.

There’s a pier/boardwalk that takes you up close to Cloud 9 and we went there next to take pics. Man, the waves were perfect barrels. It was just beautiful to see what nature can do. It was like watching a surfing competition in real life.

We got home before sunset. We were on the part of the island that doesn’t see the sun set, so no picture ops on that. During dinner though, I experienced my first earthquake! I was at the table and just felt it shaking. I thought someone was moving it, but I felt the ground moving too. I seriously thought it was me and I was just loopy and about to pass out, but my cousin yelled out, “Hala, earthquake!” Then after about 30 seconds the trembling went away.

Overall, Siargao is very beautiful. The colors of green and blue are unreal here. I’ve never seen those colors so bright and vivid in my life! According to my brother, it’s a little too touristy, but I really didn’t mind that because we were still able to get spotty LTE and 3G, but the overall area is still rather preserved. I would def want to come back and visit again.

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