Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Day 9 of 24

I feel so guilty being here sometimes. All we ever really do is eat and sleep. I don’t think I can remember having this much down time without the hustle and bustle and anxieties of everyday life in America. Everything always seems to move slower in the Philippines and I actually kind of like it. Back home, there’s always something to worry about, but here… the biggest worry is “what are we eating for breakfast / lunch / dinner?”

On top of all that, every meal is basically dinner! I can’t remember when I consecutively have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all 3 meals in one day) more than 2 days in a row. Here, it’s almost impossible to skip a meal. The only way you’ll miss a meal is if you don’t wake up from your nap, but even then, someone will end up saving food for you. Oh the rough life of the Philippines.

I couldn’t sleep anymore and just sit around, so I braved out a run in the middle of the afternoon. I was forewarned about the heat, but I don’t really care, I like the heat anyway. I don’t really know how to describe my Aunt’s “neighborhood”, but there are no side walks. You kinda have to dodge motorcycles, tricycles, cars and huge ass trucks. The road is about 2 car widths wide, so basically EVERYONE is sharing the road. My near death experience was when a motorcycle was coming towards me and I thought he was going to move, but he kept staring at the tricycles that were on the other side of the street. In the last minute, he finally saw me and swerved out of the way. Idiot. I couldn’t really move bc it was either fall in the ditch or get hit from the traffic on the other side. I survived.

Election is on Monday, so Saturday was the last ditch effort for candidates to campaign and promote themselves. There was a parade going on with a loud marching band and a truck driving around screaming who knows what. It was an active day yesterday.

Later that night, my dad arranged plans for us to have dinner at his cousin’s restaurant in Lapu-Lapu. It was a cute restaurant / bar that has live music every night. The performer they have is really talented. He played everything in acoustic. I always find it amusing how Filipino accents disappear once they start singing a song in English. Of course, my musically inclined family got in on the action too (really just BJ and Dad). It was a fun evening of food, drinks, music and of course family.

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