Happy Mother’s Day!

Day 10 of 24


First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to my Momma! Mother Joy is basically everyone’s Mom and she will always treat you as if you’re her child. Love you Mom!

So today was another lazy day. I really shouldn’t get use to this because I have no one to cook, clean or do my laundry for me when I get back home… but might as well enjoy it while I can right?

We went to the mall today for last minute stuff for our next destination. We’ll be leaving for Palawan in the morning. I can’t wait to be surrounded by nothing but water, blue skies and palm trees… again.

SM (one of the malls close by) really is a special place.. haha. Seriously, that place has EVERYTHING. Of course it was super packed because it was Mother’s Day. They had special entertainment on 2 sides of the mall. One side had some sort of Bratz show going on for the kids and the other side had a live band, entertainment for the adults I guess. I didn’t get a pic of the kid’s entertainment.

We had dinner at Majestic, that place never fails especially when you’re hungry affff. Then halo-halo at Gerry’s Grill… was not a fan.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving mothers I know!

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