More Traveling…

Day 17 of 24

After they took Lola to the airport, we all headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and or shower. We left for the airport at about 1 AM. Anywhere and anytime you were capable of sleeping, you just took the opportunity. Man, so tiring.

As soon as we arrived at Butuan Airport, we got picked up and headed out to San Fransico to meet up with the Rufila clan. We took about 5 cars filled with people on the hour and half drive to Cagwait.

It was unexpected, but apparently Lola was a Chancellor of some sort and the city wanted to honor her and hold a viewing for the people at the City Hall. It was cool to see all these people come out and pay their respects to Lola. Aftwards we went on a short walk to Lola’s site where Lolo Nino is also laid to rest.


We also got to see our beach from a distant.

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