Rest In Paradise Lola Lourdes

Day 18 of 26

Lola was dearly loved in Cagwait. Her generosity to the small town is greatly appreciated and the people expressed their it through the memorial service they offered her. They were able to get everything planned in such short notice. I don’t have much to say, but thank you. I was given the responsibility of giving the eulogy, so I’ll leave that here.

My name is Patsy Vivares, daughter of boy Vivares and the 3rd grandchild of Lola Lourdes.

On behalf of the Vivares and Pelayo family, we would like to thank all of you people in cagwait, and especially the mayor and her people for helping us get to this point. Everything has happened so fast, so we truly appreciate the speed, efficiancy and the genuine hospitality you all have shown us.

Lola was a very generous person. When in her presence, the first thing she always asked was if you were hungry. I’m starting to realize that she didn’t really know how to cook, but if you didn’t want rice and eggs, she would give you money to buy food. If it wasn’t food that you needed, she always found a way to provide for you with whatever you needed. Lola loved everyone. I don’t think I can remember a time when she was ever really upset with anyone.

Lola’s smile always brightened up the room and she was always laughing. Lola loved to laugh. She enjoyed gathering people over for food, friendship and mah-jong. Sometimes if she won, she would share her winnings with us. Lola was always the life of the party. For big events, she was always dressed in formal Filipino gowns and if given the opportunity, she would entertain everyone with her voice.

My brother and I were fortunate enough to grow up with Lola. When in America, She would take turns at either the Pelayo home or ours. We grew up with Lola either reading us bible stories or telling us ghost stories from her childhood experiences. Every time BJ and I got in trouble growing up, Lola was always there to advocate for us to our parents. She always did her best to keep us out of trouble. Lola also loved the Houston Rockets. She was always glued to the tv if a game was on. So Lol, if it’s possible, can you help them win today against the Warriors?

Also, on behalf of the family, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Uncle Sammy. While the family lived in America, he was gracious enough to take the time and care for Lola Lourdes. He was there for every hospital visit, every check up and just overall helped Lola with her daily life until she peacefully passed on. Thank you Uncle for providing the care Lola needed when we weren’t around.

Lola Lourdes was a very loving, joyful and classy lady. We will miss you dearly Lol, tell Papa Rudy we said hello.

Later that night, my food poisening got so bad that we had to call a doctor. He gave me 2 IV’s and a cocktail of meds to help the diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. The cramps were killer, they came and went as it pleased. It was pure torture.

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