What a Sad Week…

The recent deaths of 2 iconic industry leaders is really very sad.

The first Kate Spade I’ve ever seen was the everyday purse of one of my then sorority sisters. I always admired the simplicity and classic look of that purse. Years later, I was able to purchase my very own Kate Spade and it still holds its classic and simple look to this day.

Last year, I heard her podcast and admired the entrepreneurial relationship she had with her husband. She was so happy and in her voice you could never hear the demons she harbored in her heart. That interview brought me hope that loved ones can work well together, and since then I strive to find that kind of support system they had for each other.

Then we get to Anthony Bourdain. I admit, I wasn’t glued to his shows as I should have been, but his work was amazing. He brought life into food. He told people’s stories through food and united cultures in a way that brought on curiosity instead of the division we see in today’s society. His piece on Houston displayed the true essence of our great city. It really is sad to see a human like that go.

Mental illness is no joke. I have my moments of depression and anxiety and I can only imagine how bad it was for them to actually take their own life. This time last year I was in the lowest depths of my life and I fought to get out of it. Can you just imagine how hard it was for them to keep on fighting, until they just eventually gave up? It honestly really saddens me because at the end of the day, there was really nothing anyone could have done. They made their decision and committed to the idea that there was nothing else left for them to do.

You never know what people are going through. We didn’t know Robin Williams had demons he was fighting. The only thing left we can do in this world is to just be kind to one another. YOUR smile might be the reason why that random person at the store made it one more day. Peace of mind can really be hard to come by, I truly hope everyone can find it.

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