Just Ignore It

Day 3 of 31

Again, most of my day… actually pretty much all of my day was spent at home. It was really nice to just be home, clean and catch up on computer work that I’ve been putting off.

I held off eating breakfast until later in the morning because I swear, the sooner I eat, the faster I get really hungry.

I kept breakfast simple and had coffee, then I ate my pizza. I got so involved with my computer work, that I kind of just ignored that I was even hungry at all and forgot to eat. Plus I was a little too lazy to try to make something. By the end of the day, I was surprised that I was able to just ignore that I was hungry. Well, maybe ignore isn’t the right word, more so distracted. I really do feel like I’m consuming more calories eating like this. I need to lose weight!!

Just like any weight loss diet or exercise, some of the people who get into this take it to the extreme. I feel like vegans are very similar to Keto / Whole 30 / CrossFit folks. Shuttup already!! This pretty much sums it up for me and I find it hilarious.

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