Yes, it’s tofu!

Day 16 of 31

So, I’m more than halfway through this journey. My posts haven’t been as frequent as they were at the start. It’s hard to keep up with this and worry about everything else in life. Plus, not much has really changed to report about.

Yesterday, I had to run a few errands before our shift got too crazy. During that time of course, I was famished so I decided to go for a food run as well. I asked my workers if they wanted anything and they declined. I approached another friend and asked if he wanted food as well. The first thing he was asked if I was going for healthy or otherwise. I wasn’t sure if he was aware of my current diet so I told him healthy, since I’m trying to be vegan for now. He thought about it and said, “Ok! Get me whatever you get, I’ll try something vegan.”

It’s really hard to find filling fast food that’s vegan. I was on the phone with another worker and he was eating with my brother at Chipotle, so I remembered that they can cater to vegans. I made 2 orders of the exact same thing and made my way back to work. We can get pretty busy there, so I dropped off the food and made my way back to the truck. About 30 minutes later, I get this text:

Is that tofu? That’s really good.

Yes my dear, that was tofu and I’m glad you liked it! I love it when people are open to new and different things to them, you’ll be surprised at what you will discover!

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