IMG_9111Well, this is me. My name is Patsy and this is a blog about my life. I allow everyday life to inspire me and I enjoy sharing my inspirations in hopes that it helps the person reading my stories. My first experience with blogging was from xanga.com. It was an easy and simple way to share with your friends about the everyday thoughts that went through your mind. I absolutely loved it. I wrote about funny things that happened to me that day, thoughtful inspirations and the latest fashion trend.

I don’t think my life is anymore interesting than yours, but I do like to share my thoughts and ideas in hopes that I will inspire or motivate just ONE person in this world.

In April of 2014, my brother and I started our own business. I never thought I’d ever become an entrepreneur, but here I am. We own a food truck called Sticky’s Chicken. I also like to run, yoga, and eat. I also got a new camera with hopes I’ll have better pictures to post. Anyway…. here I am.



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