The Withdrawals are REAL!!

Day 4, 5 & 6 of 31

This past weekend was extra busy for me. Not only did we have White Linen Night on Saturday, but it was also my Pearland HS c/o 98 20th year reunion. Gah, I felt so old. I was nervous that I wouldn’t remember many people or even worse, no one would remember me. At the end of the day, it was a really cool experience. Everyone was feeling the same anxiety and everything quickly turned into just a walk down memory lane filled with laughter and fond stories.


There wasn’t really much for me to eat there, but thank God they had a vegetable tray. I wasn’t too sure of the ranch dressing that was there, so I didn’t really eat it. They had chips, and I opted for the bag of Sun Chips. I was on the verge of passing out from starvation by the time I got the truck to White Linen Nights. As soon as Burger Joint opened their window, I ordered a veggie burger. I know that even their bread is vegan, so that’s good news. I scarfed it down in seconds. The rest of the night was so busy, again it was easy to ignore the hunger because you kinda just forget about it.


Some friends of ours just started a food truck and we went to McIntyre’s to go visit them. I knew I wouldn’t have any vegan options, so I just made a veggie burger real quick and ate that. It was so good! I used a hi-protien patty, I can’t remember what brand it is now, but it was delicious. It tastes almost like a real burger. When we got there, I felt bad because they were offering me food, but I explained my restrictions. They actually had a vegetarian option for me though… BUT once I bit into it, I realized there was cheese. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I suggested they use vegan cheese and the item could be considered a true vegan option.


Today, I was so hungover and and I was starting to have meat withdrawals. I seriously thought I was making shit up, but there really is a thing as meat withdrawals. My body was just craving a big greasy burger. I thought the veggie ramen would hit the spot, but it didn’t. I came so close to giving in and eating something meat, but I stopped myself when my vegan friend msg’d me and ask how I was holding up. That was all the encouragement I needed to keep going.

This thing is hard. My body was really craving for meat. I wanted something solid and fulfilling. I don’t know if it was just because I was hungover, or what, but nothing today really satisfied my cravings. After work I did eat a frozen TV dinner, a vegetarian pad Thai, it kinda hit the spot, but it wasn’t enough. Hopefully this feeling subsides soon, it’s annoying.

Over all, still feeling great. I get a little anxious when I’m hungry and don’t have a snack on hand. Monday I woke up and weighed myself, I lost 3 lbs, Not sure if it was a real weight loss, or just the fact that I’ve been so busy I haven’t really sat down for a real meal. I did notice however, that water plays a big factor. Usually my yellow hydro flask is with me at all times, but lately I’ve been a little too lazy to fill it up. Not having water on hand at all times, I do notice a little bit of sluggishness. Also, not sure it’s because of the lack of natural vitamin B from eating meats (because I take a b-complex every day), I do notice that when I’m tired, I’m EXHAUSTED. Twice already I’ve slept so hard this past weekend. I guess I’m starting to see and feel the body changes from this diet right now.

Just Ignore It

Day 3 of 31

Again, most of my day… actually pretty much all of my day was spent at home. It was really nice to just be home, clean and catch up on computer work that I’ve been putting off.

I held off eating breakfast until later in the morning because I swear, the sooner I eat, the faster I get really hungry.

I kept breakfast simple and had coffee, then I ate my pizza. I got so involved with my computer work, that I kind of just ignored that I was even hungry at all and forgot to eat. Plus I was a little too lazy to try to make something. By the end of the day, I was surprised that I was able to just ignore that I was hungry. Well, maybe ignore isn’t the right word, more so distracted. I really do feel like I’m consuming more calories eating like this. I need to lose weight!!

Just like any weight loss diet or exercise, some of the people who get into this take it to the extreme. I feel like vegans are very similar to Keto / Whole 30 / CrossFit folks. Shuttup already!! This pretty much sums it up for me and I find it hilarious.

Always Hungry and Other Realizations

Day 2 of 31

So yesterday was Day 2 of my little personal experimental adventure. I’m starting to learn the difficulties of this vegan lifestyle. I get nervous leaving the house because:

  1.  I’ll probably be hungry.
  2. There probably won’t be any healthy options for me to choose from.
  3. I hate explaining to people why I’m doing this after they notice I’m not eating like I usually do.

I spent most of my day yesterday at home, which is fine, but I noticed that when I’m not being active, I’m actively getting hungry every 20 minutes. Honestly, it’s rather annoying. This is basically my timeline:

  • 9:30 AM – Breakfast: avo toast & cheese
  • 11:00 AM – Vegan-ish Pizza (vegan-ish because I found out later that the cauliflower crust has “traces of milk products”)
  • 11:15 AM – Honey Crisp Apple & almond peanut butter
  • 12:30 PM – Meatless Meatballs w/ a side of vegan pasta nasty (this was supposed to be my pre-made dinner meal)
  • 1:15 PM – vegan toast w/ fig jam
  • 2:00 PM – water, water, water
  • 2:30 PM – Starbucks Grande Soy Latte
  • 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM – I actually got busy and didn’t have time to eat
  • 8:00 PM – protein bar
  • 9:30 PM – fries
  • 11:30 – vegan yogurt

Geez.. that’s a lot of eating… seriously, even for me!! I’m use to 3-4 meals and maybe a snack in between. I try to include some sort of protein in every meal to help satiate my stomach, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Positive note – BM’s are regular and more frequent especially in the AM, and they’re not the “OMG I can’t believe I ate that last night” kind. Gross I know, but my BM’s feel so cleansing these days.

I also joined this beginner vegan group on facebook… man, this community really makes me realize this isn’t my kind of lifestyle. I was really thrown off when a lady posted that she had Khol’s cash and she wanted to use it towards a new purse. She ended up walking out with nothing because there wasn’t anything in there that she liked that wasn’t made out of leather. *mind blown* Here I am thinking it’s all a dietary thing, but people take it to a whole other level that I honestly don’t think I’m ready for. Props to them though, I totally get it. It’s just weird to me because if you look at it from a religious lens, God does allow humans to eat animals. In the bible there are numerous animal sacrifices and Jesus taught his apostles to fish! It’s just a different way of thinking I guess.

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Day 1 of 31 – Inspired by People & Food

My new personal challenge: try a vegan lifestyle for a month.

I’m going to be honest, I love BBQ, bacon, com thit nuong, steak and everything seafood. An omnivore life has been over all good to me. I love food, what can I say?

So recently, my brother has been on this new health kick. He’s been counting calories, grocery shopping and meal prepping. So of course, living together, you can’t help but join in on the “fun.” It also helps with motivation to follow the same path when he just keeps getting skinnier right before you’re eyes. He’s down 20+ pounds and it’s only been a month.

Then we recently went on a business related trip to California and we were surround by friends who are vegans or prefer vegan diets. I was totally inspired and shocked at the meals we were eating, totally 100% vegan, but they tasted so good! That was my first time to try fake shrimp, pork and chicken! It’s a shock to see how much they resembled and tasted like the meat they were impersonating. This encouraged me to try it. I mean, I’ve done pescatarian before and if vegan food can taste this good, then why not?

So to simply implement a healthier diet as well as appease my curiosity, I told myself to try it for a month. I know I can’t fully convert to vegan (I mean I’m from Texas, the land of cattle and Blue Bell Ice Cream), but I can try it for a month and see where it can potentially take me.

It’s August 1st, my first official day of a vegan lifestyle. So far, in preparation for the days to come, I have learned:

  • Vegans not only omit milk & eggs from their diet, but honey is also added to that list of omition since bees (considered animals 🙄) essentially create honey.
  • Honey is a natural sweetener, so it’s in pretty much everything!
  • You get hungry more often and must constantly have a snack on hand.
  • Whey protein is NOT a wheat product (I’m super embarrassed by this, all these years I thought whey was a derivative of wheat 🤦🏻‍♀️)
  • Meal prepping is key & Trader Joe’s has a lot of healthy vegan friendly frozen foods that help the process.
  • Not all fake meats are created equally, some are amazingly delicious and others are rather disgusting.
  • Black bean pasta is never a good idea.

I’m excited to what becomes of this. Simply being vegetarian is already a challenge, but vegan is even harder. Eggs, honey and milk are basically in EVERYTHING!

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Fake shrimp y’all!

What a Sad Week…

The recent deaths of 2 iconic industry leaders is really very sad.

The first Kate Spade I’ve ever seen was the everyday purse of one of my then sorority sisters. I always admired the simplicity and classic look of that purse. Years later, I was able to purchase my very own Kate Spade and it still holds its classic and simple look to this day.

Last year, I heard her podcast and admired the entrepreneurial relationship she had with her husband. She was so happy and in her voice you could never hear the demons she harbored in her heart. That interview brought me hope that loved ones can work well together, and since then I strive to find that kind of support system they had for each other.

Then we get to Anthony Bourdain. I admit, I wasn’t glued to his shows as I should have been, but his work was amazing. He brought life into food. He told people’s stories through food and united cultures in a way that brought on curiosity instead of the division we see in today’s society. His piece on Houston displayed the true essence of our great city. It really is sad to see a human like that go.

Mental illness is no joke. I have my moments of depression and anxiety and I can only imagine how bad it was for them to actually take their own life. This time last year I was in the lowest depths of my life and I fought to get out of it. Can you just imagine how hard it was for them to keep on fighting, until they just eventually gave up? It honestly really saddens me because at the end of the day, there was really nothing anyone could have done. They made their decision and committed to the idea that there was nothing else left for them to do.

You never know what people are going through. We didn’t know Robin Williams had demons he was fighting. The only thing left we can do in this world is to just be kind to one another. YOUR smile might be the reason why that random person at the store made it one more day. Peace of mind can really be hard to come by, I truly hope everyone can find it.

Extreme Happiness

Day 20 of 26

I just realized I miscalculated my number of days I’m here. It’s 26, I’ve been putting 24. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Back to Cebu we go and like PAL fashion, we are delayed 2 hours. Dutuarte needs to start focusing on the efficiency and convenience of these stupid airlines here and start punishing them for ripping people off. Jussssfuckingsayinnnn.

Anyway, Rockets won AFFFFFF and I was actually able to watch the game without going into cardiac arrest or having a seizure.

That is all. 🚀

Now here’s my favorite tweet of the day.

I miss you H-town. ♥️


Day 19 of 24

All the traveling this past weekend is starting to really get to me. I miss my comfy bed and you might think it’s wierd, but my restroom. I miss the warmth of my bed, a normal flushing toilet and hot showers.

Since Friday, I’ve literally slept on 2 different airplanes, 3 different hotels in 3 different cities, 2 different cars, at the airport and a couch at a funeral home. Then on top of that food poisening twice. I’m not complaining, just tired and want to be in one place for more than 3 days. Oh and decent internet. I miss LTE or a strong WiFi signal. I know, I know… #FirstWorldProblems. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Today we drove from Cagwait to San Frans. Dad’s cousin from San Frans leant us a car for our time in Cagwait so BJ drove it back. He’s starting to get the hang of driving out in the Filipino country side. I stayed awake the entire 1hr 45 min drive and it was really nice to see the country like that.

We’ll be back in Cebu tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to do nothing and spend the last week just hanging out with the family.